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So like… I’m a lawyer now.

Sorry it’s taken forever to get these posts out but I’ve been working on them and in the middle of it all I found out I passed the bar. So it’s been like, “Holy shit, party time,” around here.

Soon friends… soon.


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Still waiting on results from the bar exam, but good god it’s Week 5 and I haven’t written anything?!

This cannot stand!

Incoming topics:
Paying College Players (Hellllllllllllllllllllllll no)
Orton vs. Tebow – I hope the fans know what they’re doing…
Didn’t The Eagles Learn ANYTHING From The Heat?

Ahhhh, Football Season.


... Help.

Well I was gone for finals, and now it’s bar exam studying time, but good God, I wish I could be spending some serious time on these NBA finals.

In summary:

The Heat:  The amount of homerism astounds me.

The Mavericks:  Getting absolutely ZERO respect for playing the way that they are.

You can expect a potential for random, belligerent ramblings every now and then about how I’m hyperventilating over Oil & Gas or Real Property law…

I’ll see you July 29th, folks.

Coming Soon…

Oh, yeah… this is happening.