Terrell Owens Is Free Falling


Has Terrell Owens (T.O.) hit rock bottom?!? As of late all signs would indicate that he is trending in that direction with a significant amount of speed. He’s feeling the pressure of life similar to that of a red zone defense trying to hold their ground for the win.

Let us review…

  1. The most obvious cry for help was the recent attempted suicide that was reported by his assistant in a state of panic. T.O. claims that she made an error in judgement and misspoke when she answered yes to the 911 operator that questioned if it was a suicide attempt. T.O. said, “She didn’t fully understand the situation and jumped the gun by calling the authorities.”, I heard the call and she understood the situation perfectly fine versus a doped up T.O. in the background. This isn’t the first time the word suicide has been associated with his name (Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me). T.O. is mentally unstable.
  2. Mr. Owens is currently experiencing financial troubles so extreme that he’s been forced to request a child support payment reduction because he just isn’t making enough money. (Even though he has not only 1, but 2 reality TV shows on the air right now.). The judge denied his request as expected because Judges watch reality television just like the rest of us (Plus he’s getting approximately $666,000.00 per episode,Cha-Ching!).
  3. It’s no secret that he suffers from abandonment issues being his fathers other woman’s son, better known as the classic bastard complex. This explains, somewhat why he doesn’t consider the fathering of his own children a top priority, as noted by Big Surly wingman for the HOSS.

Moving on to football…

  1. Terrell recently held a work out invitational for NFL teams to appraise his talent after his reconstructive knee surgery. To no ones surprise None of the NFL teams attended this demonstration in futility, they didn’t even send an intern. For the record NFL teams have never gotten organized to review the talents of one man, what an ego. It’s also no surprise not a single team showed up because over the years fewer and fewer teams have been interested in his services. However there was a silver lining to his work out, he was offered an opportunity to play Arena Football with the Chicago Rush for a whopping $400.00 a month, I guess the market really does determine the value. The timing of his knee surgery didn’t help his marketability at all. When you couple the surgery with his increase in age and his decline in production on the field it equals a sidelined has-been.
  2. His reputation as the ultimate locker room Cancer, Killer of Moral, Male Diva, Media Whore, Death From Within, The Virus, Teammate X, and Captain Cry-gate have finally caught up with him. NFL teams like the Chicago Bears would rather be without a marquee receiver than sign Terrible Owens to their roster.

Everyman has a breaking point and when it is about to be reached behavior becomes erratic and just plain old weird before the actual meltdown.

I don’t believe T.O. has hit rock bottom… yet. However, I believe he is crying out for help because he is losing his identity with every passing moment that he isn’t on an NFL team. He has spent his whole life becoming a professional football player and the idea of football ending has got him going mad. It’s similar to Whitney Houston losing her voice as a direct result of smoking crack filled blunts with Bobby Brown, it’s devastating to the individual. T.O. has seen the writing on the wall and realizes that all of his sideline, locker room, and childish antics have finally caught up with him. We all need to watch T.O. because to him losing his identity is a form of death and I’m guessing since T.O. exhibits bitch-made tendencies he would rather take his self out than live in the shadow of his former self.

Captain Shutem-Down

Writer/Wingman for the HOSS



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  1. Great article! I am not a TO fan… The perspective presented in this article comes right on time. During a time when the national football league has transitioned to an aerial assault type of offense, and there is a premium on receivers, this bum is unemployed. He is such a wasted talent.

  2. “Wasted talent.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. He had so much potential, but he went all Dion Sanders before he had actually earned the right to go all Dion Sanders. Players who play feeling entitled are never written about in the record books. It’s the ones who even after greatness still feel like they have to earn their spot on the team. Just ask 6th round draft pick, Tom Brady.

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