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Vick Haters, It’s Time to Move On

Michael Vick fought, tortured and murdered multiple dogs.  It’s time to get over it, people.

Call me heartless.  Call me insensitive.  Tell me I have no soul.  I don’t care.  I am SICK of hearing about Michael Vick’s crimes against dogs and how much he’s still having to pay for that horrible mistake.  Absolutely sick of it.  And what’s worse, I’m starting to loathe even more the people who are still so hellbent on painting him as the Antichrist; people who even after all this time still consider him to be worse than Hitler.  It’s time for people to let the man be and move on.  People might think that I hate animals, or that I am just as cynical as I am stubborn and the latter might be true.  But the fact of the matter is something much more simple than that. Read the rest of this entry


Long Live No. 4

Oh c'mon. It's hilarious.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Brett Favre so I hope you’re ready for a long read.  I remember hearing his name when I was a kid alongside names like Kordell Stewart.  Of course, this was when I was 7 and before I knew really anything about sports or had any interest in them… but I remember the name.  Of course, now I’m probably one of the biggest football fans you’ll ever meet, and I know all there is to know about Brett Favre that not knowing him personally will allow.  These days, I hear his name synonymous with words like “sexting,” “egotistical,” “washed up,” “hate,” “annoying,” “disappointment”… disappointment?  Disappointment?!  I didn’t understand how anyone could be disappointed in watching one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever grace the league, and even after all that has happened this season, I still don’t understand it and I never will.  Ultimately I came to realize that my attitude towards Brett Favre stemmed out of one simple concept: empathy.

A bit of a disclaimer:  I’ll never know what actually happened behind closed doors, the full story, or whether I’m completely wrong or completely right because I wasn’t there.  But if you’ll allow me to be nostalgic and a little self-indulgent in this post, I invite you to leave your current negative impressions or opinions, if any, regarding #4 behind for a moment so that I can explain (at length) my take on Brett’s trials and tribulations over recent years and hopefully shed some light on why some of you “haters” should not necessarily change your opinions of him per se, but rather simply that you should understand and respect him for what he’s done for the sport and all that he has accomplished… Okay, and maybe change your opinions. Read the rest of this entry