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Who ordered the Code Red?!

So. Dirty.

**UPDATE** The NFL is now investigating the Jets – for the 2nd time this season – regarding whether they’ve been knowingly engaging in illegal sideline tactics.  Someone’s getting burned.

No, we’re not talking about Mountain Dew here, people.

We’re talking about Tripgate.  I absolutely love this analogy by ESPN.  If you missed it, Kornheiser was absolutely hysterical on PTI: “YOU WANT ME ON THAT WALL, YOU ‘KNEED’ ME ON THAT WALL!”  Here’s the Podcast if you’re interested.

Let’s take this from the top (no pun intended).

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If I owned an NFL team…

If only...

So now that I’ve finally got time to give this little project some attention, football season is coming to a close (thanks, finals!).  Major, major bummer.

So much has happened:  We learned that Antonio Cromartie of the Jets not only has EIGHT kids but he can’t even name them all.  We’re witnessing the possible rebirth of the Patriots domination of the league.  We saw a God become a man in Peyton Manning.  We were all privy to Spygate 2.0 and the dirtiest tripping play ever caught on camera.  Redemption (?) for Michael Vick.  Sex scandals galore (one legit, one… not so legit).  The end of an era in Favre’s (most-likely) career-ending injury.

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least.  With all of the trials and tribulations that each team has gone through and given its fans over the last several months, it’s only natural that in retrospect a sports lover like myself is left wondering… “What if?”  So I leave with you my thoughts on a few particular teams who’ve left impressions on me over the regular season.

If I owned…

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Coming Soon…

Oh, yeah… this is happening.